BPT’s London Pilgrimage in Porter Online’s London City Guide

Delilah Khomo of Porter walked with us on our Feb 3rd pilgrimage from Tower of London to Westminster Abbey, choosing it as one of her favourite things to do in London! Come on our next pilgrimage on May 16th.

Read the article here.



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  1. hello was really taken by the Turtle Dove pilgrimage which I only caught up with recently, particularly like the idea that pilgrimage is a native pastime, rather than an imported one. Anyway, fired with enthusiasm have tried to download the app you recommend (Galileo offline) and it doesn’t seem to be there. Is there another one?

    • British Pilgrimage

      Yes – it has renamed to Guru Maps – apparently there was a copyright naming issue. But the app remains the most solid and easy to use offline option, we believe.