BPT on BBC2 TV in March 2018!

Last March, on Good Friday, 30 March 2018, BPT’s Guy Hayward appeared in the third and final episode of BBC2 TV Series ‘Pilgrimage: The Road to Santiago’ with TV personalities Heather Small, Ed Byrne, Neil Morrissey, Debbie McGee, Kate Bottley, JJ Chalmers, Raphael Rowe. In the first fragment, he gets a few of them to perform (semi-seriously) an ‘auto-baptism’ in the wild river. In the second fragment, he sings a 13th-century Mozarabic chant in Iberian Latin, a ‘theme tune’ of the medieval Santiago tradition, to Heather Small of M-People.

Clips of Guy on Pilgrimage to Santiago TV Series

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