The Old Way in Suitcase Magazine

The Old Way pilgrimage recently featured in the Slow Edition of Suitcase Magazine, an award-winning travel mag much loved by ‘influencers’ globally.  Will guided Rae the journalist on the last four days of the route, rich with castles, holy wells, ancient trees, and more churches than you can shake a pilgrim staff at. It was a good four days. The magazine can be bought here:

You can follow their work on instagram too – @suitcase24

A quote from the article:

“Institutionalised religion may be ebbing from British shores but there’s a renewed hunger for spirituality that has, and I think will continue, to swell the popularity of pilgrimage. There’s no abstract theology to get your mind around, just a willingness to make the body do what the soul desires. Sometimes I realise William and I have been walking in silence for half an hour or more, yet it’s not uncomfortable. The countryside has become a canvas for my thoughts. Walking is a prayer, the rhythm of my footsteps a form of meditation.”

Thanks Rae, and thanks Suitcase!

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