Do you know any 1-day pilgrimage routes to cathedrals?

Let’s make a 1-day pilgrimage route for each cathedral in Britain. Apart from the ones that appear on our Britain’s Routes page, please can you let us know about any other routes with cathedrals as their destination?

And if you can’t find a route for a cathedral that you love, perhaps you could help me, Guy, create one? Click here for a template for creating a 1-day pilgrimage route.

I gave a workshop at the first ever National Cathedrals Conference in Manchester last week, which you can read here, and introduced this 1-day pilgrimage idea to deans, precentors, canons etc., who were very receptive. Another idea I put to them was that the pilgrims could arrive in time for Choral Evensong – a 45-min service of music sung by world-class choirs, for free.

Anyone can make a pilgrimage route, so please come to me with ideas, and let’s work together!

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