Send us details for future pilgrimage events happening near you

We as the BPT are wanting to promote pilgrimage in Britain at large. We have recently set up a Great Routes directory and we now have the capability to launch an Events Directory. If you know of a pilgrimage event happening near you, please let us know by emailing Thank you.

Or, if you are feeling proactive, you can register your pilgrimage event account by going to our website’s wordpress registration page: and type your details. We will then receive an email asking us to approve your registration. You will then be sent details on how to set your password via email (check junk folder in case you don’t receive an email, and it has been sent there).

Then you need to login, and our security means you may have to re-enter your login details (effectively logging in twice) whenever you log in. Once logged in you will be taken to a list of your events – blank initially – with links to add a new event. Any events added will appear in this list: Click on an event to see the full details. Soon we will go public with it.

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