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DAY 0 – Travelling to London (with interviews)

DAY 1 (The Start) – Primrose Hill at Sunrise

DAY 1 (Part II) – Bunhill Fields to St. Paul’s Cathedral

DAY 1 (Part III) – Fleet Street to Piccadilly

DAY 2 – Piccadilly to Battersea

DAY 3 – Wimbledon to Hampton Court

DAY 4 – Esher to the M25

DAY 5 – Ripley to Shere

DAY 6 – Peaslake to Hascombe

DAY 7 – Hascombe to border of Surrey/Sussex

DAY 8 – Roundhurst to Henley

DAY 9 – Easebourne to Bepton

DAY 10 – West Ashling to Chichester to the Sussex Seaside

DAY 11 – The End – Blake’s Cottage to Parry’s House

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