The Blake/Parry ‘Jerusalem’ Pilgrimage on BBC Radio Sussex

One of Will’s promotional pilgrimages, in 2017 we walked to the source of the song Jerusalem to honour the 100 year anniversary of its becoming a song, was picked up twice by BBC Radio Sussex/Surrey.

It took Will a month to design and plan this event, which led the group to the original manuscript of Parry’s Jerusalem, as well as the birthplace and burial of both men in London. Accompanying Will on this pilgrimage were  Guy, India, Kitty, Mathilda and James, among other guests.

This is a recording of the second BBC interview, on a Sunday breakfast show – just before setting out to reach Blake’s cottage in Felpham, and Parry’s house in Rustington, where the song Jerusalem was born.

Thanks so much BBC Sussex! And thanks to everyone for coming along!

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