Video: British Pilgrimage to the DO Lectures (The River Teifi Source to Sea)

This July, two trustees from the BPT – Guy Hayward and William Parsons – made a 5 day pilgrimage from the source of the river Teifi in the Cambrian Mountains, to the sea at Cardigan.

The route not only connects the river’s place of birth to its death, but also two great monasteries of Wales – Strata Florida near the source, and St Dogmael’s near Cardigan.

We half-learned a song the night before we left – in Cymraeg, the native tongue of the land of Wales. It sounds very impressive, but is really a nursery rhyme all about coloured goats. Still, the fellows in the pubs sung along with very serious intent, and we were glad to have am offering so fitting for the landscape.

We found the route after being invited to come and speak at the DO Lectures – an astonishingly lovely gang of inspirational people, some there for the telling, others for the listening, but all for the sharing…

We had never really made videos like this – on the hoof during a pilgrimage before. We used a clever telephone, and edited as we went, learning a lot in the doing.

Meanwhile, here you go (these videos have now been disabled, please visit @willwalking YouTube channel):

Thanks for watching!
(Photos and Videos © Will Parsons / @willwalking).

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