British Pilgrimage in the Independent Newspaper – 29/12/2015

An article in The Independent newspaper (29/12/15) announces the launch of this website, and the British Pilgrimage Trust’s ongoing work toward renovating British pilgrimage.  Just in time for a big new year of making this vision a reality on the ground…

Read the Article on the Independent website




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  1. Eric arnett

    We love this.want to walk the walk.

  2. Timothy Smith

    This looks fantastic.! I live in the US, walked 900 kilometers of the “Camino Frances” earlier this year, and would gladly walk the British way as well. The trail must be clearly and regularly waymarked…”yellow arrows” or something consistent. I realize things are just getting started and more details will follow. Among many other things, a credible Pilgrim’s trail along 240 miles in England, traversing historic, architectural, natural and sacred sites has the potential to become a huge economic development engine in SE England and beyond, as it has in Spain. The Portuguese are recently awakening to just such a potential on their own historically neglected Pilgrimage route. I wish you all wonderful success!

  3. Timothy Smith

    one more point. I read a book before walking my grand Camino De Santiago earlier this year. The book was “Pilgrimage” by Paulo Cohelo. In describing why he was about to walk his Pilgrimage, one character in the book described to another his answer…this answer became the motto of my own Pilgrimage, which I would like to share; “A ship is safest when in the harbor, but that is not what ships were built for”