Video: Song Pilgrimage to Ashburnham Lady Well

This single day’s pilgrimage is the first video pilgrimage from part of the South Downs Pilgrims’ Way. [LINK]

It begins at St Nicolas Pevensey, a Church built by William the Conqueror in thanks for his victory over King Harold and his conquest of England.

Many landscapes are passed, from the military to the empty ghost lands of Manxey levels, which was so obviously recently underwater. The oak-rich woodlands of the High Weald are also traversed, en route to Ashburnham, once South England’s finest house, until the Ashburnham family line died out in the late 1950s.

Today, Ashburnham is a wonderfully welcoming centre for Christian retreats, and a perfect venue for British Pilgrimage. Many holy wells arise within its grounds, and our destination was the Lady Well, where we offered a specially penned song of thanks.

To see this and other pilgriamge songs, please visit the Pilgrimage Culture page.

Thanks for watching.


In the Ashburnham Potting Shed


In Wartling Wood Pilgrim Rest Stop

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  1. Laura Steven

    Music has accompanied human civilization. It’s been an essential storytelling element that keeps the tribe alive, keeps the identity of the tribe alive. Music and poetry are inextricably linked to our humanity.

    — Mohammed Fairouz, Composer