Who is British pilgrimage for?

British Pilgrimage is for a wide variety of people.

British pilgrimage is not gender or age specific. The only real criteria is being able to walk.

The following list is not exhaustive:

British People

“It is the usual observation of Foreigners that the English Travellers are too little acquainted with their own Country…” (William Borlase)

It is essential to rediscover your homeland, and find it is as exciting, exotic and beautiful as you always hoped. Pilgrimage takes you deep into Britain, but do not imagine you know what you will find. This land is surprisingly exotic once you look beyond screens and roads.

Overseas Visitors

People from all over the world are welcome to Britain. The people of this land love visitors, partly because they are flattered that someone has travelled a long way to visit where they live, and because it confirms British people’s suspicion that this is the most beautiful place on earth.

Newcomers to Britain

So you have arrived in Britain, your previous home left behind, to be a member of the British populace. Welcome. A great way to get to know this land and to naturally grow citizenship is to make pilgrimage, seeking British holy places and meeting British people. There can be no better teacher than the land itself.


People of All Beliefs / People of No Beliefs

The BPT believes everyone seeks closeness to a higher truth. The holy places of Britain speak for themselves, and by cultivating your awareness and listening more keenly this truth can be better sensed and known.


Leaving school, and about to start university? British pilgrimage can offer a micro-GAP experience – a low-cost, formative and CV-boosting alternative to taking an entire year off. A GAP month spent on pilgrimage in Britain will teach you a great deal, and set you up with vital self-responsibility for your university years ahead. Don’t just laze around on a beach in Thailand – get focussed, get intentful, and get on the pilgrim path.

University Graduates

You have finished university but don’t know which way to turn. You are at the great crossroad, and feeling all sorts of pressures to rush toward with the business of life. Stop – take a breath – before life carries you away. Dedicate a week or two of quiet time to work out what you really want and need. Do this with British pilgrimage – what else can offer such a CV-boosting, mind-clearing adventure, so close to home?

High / Low Net Worth Individuals

Pilgrimage is a great way to celebrate your common humanity. No-one will know what car you drive or how many houses you own. Follow the pilgrim pledges, set the lowest daily budget possible, and make it work. All you have to pay is your respects to the holy places like everyone else. Remember where you come from, and reconnect without fear of being different.


What about “going away” as a couple on pilgrimage, stepping out straight from your wedding reception onto the green paths? Honeymoons in foreign lands are wonderful, but a British pilgrimage would be a great way to ground your new life together in your home land.


You are honoured with the role of God Parent – but apart from Christmas and birthday presents, what are you to do? Traditional meanings of your role can seem outdated, but you still feel the impulse to do your best for the child you have agreed to care for and watch over. Making a British pilgrimage can help guide your God-child onto a healthy strong path, and show them an adventure around every corner. You can help them begin to take charge of their own physical and spiritual destiny. A British pilgrimage is a perfect way to share experience, transfer wisdom, and get to know your God-children – as well as have a great time together.

Families (Parents / Grand-Parents / Children)

The same story is true for families – taking children on a pilgrimage in Britain will open them to the great truth of life in these islands. It will offer them awe, wonder, discovery and joy – all without getting on an airplane and flying halfway round the world.

Workers on Sabbatical

British pilgrimage offers a career-friendly break from the routine of work. Pilgrimage can fit into any size of holiday. Your field of vision will grow from the few feet around your computer screen to many miles of horizon. Air-conditioning will become fresh winds. You will return to work clear-headed, with that glint back in your eye, better able to ride the stresses of the workplace. Pilgrimage is active, engaging and effective – and completely different from work.

Armed Forces Home from Service

For what and whom have you been fighting? There is a fundamental truth that motivates your dangerous work – a love of Britain – and the best way to refresh this dedication is to journey slowly and deeply through the homelands you defend. Rediscovering Britain will help restore your faith in the land for which you have been fighting.

Politicians and Councillors

So you represent Britain, her land and people? How can you best ground yourself into this great responsibility? Pilgrimage lowers your social status to that of the most common person in the realm, and puts you where people can meet and speak with you. It makes your experience of Britain more real, not just another repetition of mediated insights provided by internet, newspaper and television news.

People Suffering from Depression

There is something about walking a long way that allows hidden aspects of your psyche to well up, especially those you need to deal with. The constant change, the ongoing victories, the deeply meaningful encounters – these all add up to make pilgrimage a transformative exercise.

People Suffering with Weight Problems

Walking is well documented to have many health benefits, but pilgrimage takes this even further. It burns off unwanted fat, strengthens your core, improves your balance, and gets your blood flowing. Pilgrimage is simply what your body is designed to do. You will discover that bad food – the kind that your mouth craves but your body weeps to ingest – no longer works. You will instinctively be drawn instead toward wholesome foodstuffs –  the kind that make your body buzz with health and power. If you can keep this lesson when you return from pilgrimage, you will have made a great step toward healthier eating. If you slip quickly back to bad eating habits…you’ll just have to make another pilgrimage.


So you have mastered a trade. You are a carpenter, a flute maker, spoon-carver or a plasterer. Why not take it on the road? By making a long pilgrimage with your trade to support you, you will meet new teachers and clients and your skills will be honed. The Germans still offer this to all apprentices who have risen to become young masters – before entering a guild, they must travel on foot for a year (‘auf den Walz’) to go even deeper into the skills of their chosen profession. Only then can they call themselves a craftsperson.


There is a great lineage of poets who have sought and found inspiration by walking through the holy places of nature. People of verse – try it and see.


Music is the ultimate portable skill. Your musical expression will respond to your new experiences of people and place. You can play for money on every street in Britain, and expect to do rather well. Gigs can be arranged on the fly in Britain’s thousands of public houses, and your fan-base can blossom among whole new communities. Pilgrimage has long been associated with the travelling player tradition. Your music can provide a great accompaniment to other pilgrims, as well as being a great way for you to engage with holy places.