Donate to Help Renew British Pilgrimage

The British Pilgrimage Trust is a Charitable Trust registered with HMRC for Gift Aid. We are a young charity, but we aim to grow. Financial support allows us to create a sustainable future for British pilgrimage through technology, infrastructure development and promotion.

We aim to help the restoration of pilgrimage as a British tradition, to fulfil modern requirements, using tools uniquely available today.

Britain once had a thriving pilgrimage tradition, and today we can reintroduce it in an inclusive form that offers physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental and economic benefits.

Pilgrimage is the incredible future no-one saw coming.

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Wages – for Executive Director and admin staff.

1000 Pilgrim Staffs from Coppiced Kent woodland – which we aim to sell for raising funds, and also to help spread the visual distinction of a pilgrim from a hiker – through the scheme ‘Come Take the Staff’ – which matches 1 free staff donated to a holy place for each one purchased. So raise money for other holy places, as well as for the British Pilgrimage movement, with each staff bought. It’s a triple gift.