Be a Pioneer

Our ‘pioneer’ routes are here for you to try yourselves, send us photos, and to raise awareness of pilgrimage in these areas. By walking them you can be a pioneer of the pilgrimage movement. NB: These routes have not been tried by the BPT, so please let us know if any section of the route can be improved.

A WEEKEND PILGRIMAGE CONNECTING THE PEAK DISTRICT OLD STONES Carl Wark Hill Fort to Arbor Low Henge – via ancient churches, ancient stone circles, an iconic country house and magical dales. 26 miles over two days, or 32 miles with the optional extension from Arbor Low to Minninglow Hill. First night’s accommodation at Rowsley.

Click to download GPX route on your computer via Viewranger (instructions below)
If using your computer, the route from Viewranger can be downloaded and opened in other mapping apps like “OS Maps” or “Memory Map”. To do this, click the button below on your computer (not phone app), then click “Menu” and then “Export to GPX”, email this gpx file to yourself, and with your phone you can then open the route in these other apps.

Click to download GPX route on your phone via Dropbox (instructions below)
Using your phone – click the button below that leads to the file in your Dropbox app, click on the file, then click the “…” button in top right, then click ‘Export’, then on the pop-up “Open in” and then “Copy to [your mapping app]”.