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All our events are designed to introduce more people to British pilgrimage, raise funds for the BPT, and to help establish a network of British pilgrim sleep-spots.

Come along, have an amazing time, and support the revival of British Pilgrimage.

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Tues 1st October: The London Martyr’s Way (Part I). 3 miles. Walk with Guy Hayward, Jason Goodwin and Kate Davey to follow the actual journey taken by the condemned on their way from the Tower to various places of execution, at Smithfield and, most famously, the Tyburn Tree. On the route we will take in places of martyrdom, churches constructed around the memory of martyred saints, sculptures dedicated to self-sacrifice, and sites of pilgrimage and prayer. Watch London Real’s 3-min video of a BPT London pilgrimage here. Listen to a podcast with Rupert Sheldrake and Mark Vernon discussing the experience of a BPT guided London pilgrimage here. Porter.com article here.

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*Save the Date – SUNDAY 20th OCTOBER* – BPT’s Guy will be joining Robin Harford on Dartmoor, to make a ‘plant contemplation pilgrimage’ to Piles Copse Wood. Details to follow soon.

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