OTA: Open to All

The British Pilgrimage Trust believes that Britain’s spiritual landscape needs to be accessible to everyone.


Britain’s holy places, built and natural, can be found almost everywhere throughout these islands. Visiting such places – especially as part of a journey on foot – can help people relax, feel more connected, and improve mental health.


The British Pilgrimage Trust aims to promote increased accessibility to Britain’s holy places. To help make this happen, we have designed a symbol that promises a universal welcome into the holy place that bears it.

 Wherever you see this small red OTA symbol, it means:

1. This is a special place, where people seek deeper connection (by whatever name).


2. You are welcome to enter this special place, whatever your religion or non-religion.


3. You are free to enjoy silence, reflection, and contemplation here, or any spiritual practice that will not disturb the place or other visitors.


4. Please leave this place as (or more) holy/wholesome than you found it.

If you are interested in displaying this symbol at a holy place near you, please get in touch…