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British Pilgrimage on Radio Sussex

Twice during our recent Jerusalem Song Pilgrimage, we had the privilege of being interviewed by BBC Radio Sussex/Surrey. This is a recording of the second interview, on a Sunday breakfast show – just before setting out on Day 9 of our pilgrimage to Blake’s cottage and Parry’s house, where the song Jerusalem was born. We […]

Make your own self-guided Jerusalem Song Pilgrimage

To self-guide a weekend micro-pilgrimage to the song Jerusalem, we recommend Alastair Sawdays’ website (slow travel and special places specialists), who detail a section of our route from Dunsfold to Haslemere, staying in the amazing Roundhurst Barns – an unforgettable night of wooded luxury at the foot of the Black Downs, where in the morning […]

Jerusalem Pilgrimage Videos

THE SONG ITSELF DAY 0 – Travelling to London (with interviews) DAY 1 (The Start) – Primrose Hill at Sunrise DAY 1 (Part II) – Bunhill Fields to St. Paul’s Cathedral DAY 1 (Part III) – Fleet Street to Piccadilly DAY 2 – Piccadilly to Battersea DAY 3 – Wimbledon to Hampton Court DAY 4 […]

Itinerary of 2016 Jerusalem Pilgrimage

To make our pilgrimage to Jerusalem the song, we had a plan. We tried to follow it. But as ever on pilgrimage, the whim of journey was key. If solid local knowledge presented itself in the form of an old dear’s wise whispers, or if a quest emerged from the forest, or if the wind […]

Jerusalem Pilgrimage 2016

To honour the 100 year anniversary of Jerusalem (the song), from October 22nd to November 1st 2016 the BPT made a 125 mile pilgrimage from London to Sussex, the birthplace of Britain’s unofficial national anthem.     A Pilgrimage Collaboration Between: The Blake Society (Honouring and Celebrating the work of William Blake) Millican Backpacks (Making […]